Curriculum Vitae


12/2015 -

Research Assitant, UKP-Lab, TU-Darmstadt Research, scientific programming, student supervision

  • Automatic genre identification
  • Design and development with Python and NumPy and Keras
  • Design of the software architecture of an extended information retrieval system
  • Data processing with Apache Hadoop/Spark
05/2013 - 12/2013

Software Engineer, BLUECARAT AG, Hamburg. Software development

  • Development of an Android application in a banking context
  • Development of a Jenkins plug-in
03/2008 - 05/2013

Feelance Software Engineer, C1 Workplace Solutions, BLUECARAT AG, HITeC e.V. / STC, J2EE and tool development, System administration

  • Development of a Microsoft Surface 2.0 Multi-touch application in C#
  • Java Server faces (ICEFaces)
  • Apache Maven 2 (usage and development of plug-ins), Apache Ant
  • Hibernate with Java Persistance API and HQL
  • Spring dependency injection framework
  • Different Unit testing and mocking frameworks (such as JUnit, DBUnit, PowerMock)
  • Development of Hudson/Jenkins plug-ins, e.g. to control a traffic light
12/2006 - 05/2007

Software Engineer, Agil - mehr Internet K.G., Buchholz in der Nordheide. Software development

  • Plug-In development for OpenCms
  • Apache Ant
  • DocBook


10/2009 - 03/2010 Teaching Assistant at the University of Hamburg for Technical Informatics
10/2008 - 03/2009 Teaching Assistant at the University of Hamburg for Software Engineering I / Technical Informatics
10/2007 - 09/2008 Teaching Assistant at the University of Hamburg for Software Engineering I / II


10/2010 - 03/2015 Master of Science in Informatics, University of Hamburg
10/2006 - 09/2010 Bachelor of Science in Informatics, University of Hamburg

Master Thesis

Title Learning to Reach with Interactive Reinforcement Learning
Supervisors Prof. Dr. Stefan Wermter & Dr. Cornelius Weber & Nicolás Navarro-Guerrero
Description My thesis shows that interactive feedback leading to revert an action improves the learning speed of reaching with a planar two Degrees of Freedom robotic arm. I found no advantage in interactive feedback with one Degree of Freedom.


German Mothertongue
English Proficient


Data Processing NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Keras, Deeplearning4j
Programming Java (SE/EE), Python + Numpy/Scipy, Bash (limited), C++ (limited), Qt (framework), Cobertura code coverage utility, Eclipse & Netbeans IDE, Subversion, Mercurial, Git, Apache Ant & Maven
Software LaTeX, v-rep simulation environment, Hudson/Jenkins Continuous Integration Server, multiple wiki implementation (e.g. XWiki or JAMWiki), MySQL, PostgreSQL