Academic stuff

This part contains some of my academic work. Most notably my bachelor and master thesis and my published papers. I translated my theses from LaTeX code to reStructuredText, so there may be some minor differences between the PDF and HTML version. The PDF documents are the complete and submitted versions.

Master thesis

My masterthesis shows that interactive feedback leading to revert an action improves the learning speed of reaching with a planar two Degrees of Freedom robotic arm. I found no advantage in interactive feedback with one Degree of Freedom.

You can also download the thesis and find the source code here.

Bachelor thesis

In my bachelorthesis I modified the class diagram within BlueJ so that the user can change the visualisation of a class from the implementation, or standard view, and interface view in which only the externally visible dependencies are visible; all dependencies that only occur in the implementation and not in the interface are hidden from view.

I wrote this thesis in German and you can find it here.


Interaction in reinforcement learning reduces the need for finely tuned hyperparameters in complex tasks

Kognitive Systeme, Nr. 3 (2016). doi: Stahlhut, Chris, and Navarro-Guerrero, Nicolás, and Weber, Cornelius, and Wermter Stefan. PDF, BibTeX

Dynamische Klassendiagramme-Nutzung Der Metapher Vom ‘Konsumieren Und Produzieren’ in BlueJ

In SEUH, 21–26, 2011. Schmolitzky, Axel, and Stahlhut, Chris PDF, BibTeX